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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Password Cracking - Cain and Abel

Disclaimer: This Article is for educational purposes only. Don't misuse it and the author does not take the responsibility of the damage caused by you.

It is the No.1 password recovery tool for windows. It has Variety of tasks
1. Can recover passwords by sniffing the network
2. Crack encrypted passwords with the help of using a dictionary
3. Brute Force Attacks
4. Cryptanlysis Attacks
5. Recording VoIP Conversations
6. Decoding Scrambled Passwords
7. Revealed Password Boxes
8. Uncovering Cached Passwords
9. Analyzing routing protocols.

Some virus scanners detect Cain and Abel as malware.
Avast! detects it as "Win32:Cain-B [Tool]" and classifies it as "Other potentially dangerous program", while Microsoft Security Essentials detects it as "Win32/Cain!4_9_14" and classifies it as "Tool: This program has potentially unwanted behavior." Even if Cain's install directory, as well as the word "Cain", are added to Avast's exclude list, the real-time scanner has been known to stop Cain from functioning. However, the latest version of Avast no longer blocks Cain.
Montoro, the owner of and maintainer of Cain and Abel, has stated that his programs do not contain malware or backdoors. However, as the source code for Cain and Abel is not available for independent security review, a measure of caution is advised as with any software acquired from the Internet.