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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

C++ on Android

We all use "GCC Compiler" on the Google play store for runnig Turbo C++, which is a paid app, and needs to install several other plugins to properly run a scaled down version of C++.
So today we install the same C++ that was made for PC using DOS virtual environment, that too without getting light on our pockets.

Things required ->

  • Android Smartphone OR Tablet
  • USB Cable.

1. Download the TC
2.Place TC in root of your ("mnt/sdcard"). Take care not to place it in the external SD card.
3.Install DOSBOX from or from google play store.
4. Open aDOSBOX. And the write the following code:
    cd tc 
    cd bin
 5.You are setup & ready to go.

Enjoy Programming!!

(Note: Write the following using a keyboard compatible with your smartphone or tablet)