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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Begginer's Guide to C++- Chapter 2.1: math.h Header File

As I indicated earlier, we are now heading into the “Perfection Phase”. I will NOT be teaching anything new, but rather I will give you some deeper insight into C++. These articles will be excessively short, and will focus more on a particular concept.

This post will be telling you about the important and the most used functions of the header file “math.h”. Below, I use x to denote a variable/expression/constant.

  1. ceil(x) - Returns the smallest integer not less than x. Eg- ceil(-4.8) gives output as -4, and ceil(5.9) gives output as 5.
  2. floor(x) - It returns the largest integer not greater than x. Eg- floor(100.12) gives output as 100.
  3. fabs(x) - It returns the absolute value/modulus of x. Eg- fabs(-45.1) gives output as 45.1, while fabs(100.12) gives output as 100.12. It necessarily converts a negative number to a positive one.
  4. exp(x) - Finds the value of ex.
  5. log(x)- Finds the value of logex.
  6. log10(x)- Finds the value of log10x.
  7. pow(x,y)- It returns the value of xy. Eg pow(2,3) will give output as 8.
  8. sqrt(x)- Finds the value of x0.5. Essentially finds the value of square root of x.

This was all I could come up with after yesterday's exhaustion. It was a very busy day indeed, but the next post will be much sooner.

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