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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

C++ on Android

We all use "GCC Compiler" on the Google play store for runnig Turbo C++, which is a paid app, and needs to install several other plugins to properly run a scaled down version of C++.
So today we install the same C++ that was made for PC using DOS virtual environment, that too without getting light on our pockets.

Things required ->

  • Android Smartphone OR Tablet
  • USB Cable.

1. Download the TC
2.Place TC in root of your ("mnt/sdcard"). Take care not to place it in the external SD card.
3.Install DOSBOX from or from google play store.
4. Open aDOSBOX. And the write the following code:
    cd tc 
    cd bin
 5.You are setup & ready to go.

Enjoy Programming!!

(Note: Write the following using a keyboard compatible with your smartphone or tablet)

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Hack Mobiles Via Bluetooth

If you are looking for fun with your friend's phone, here is an easy trick to read their SMS or to turn the phone off or to even play the music you like(Well it does many other things too). It works with Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Nokia.

Just download the bluetooth hack tool from:
(I have not yet tried the tool, as it was recommended by my friend yesterday, so have fun)

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

12 Ways to Make Android Faster

There are a plenty of ways out there on the net for rooted phones but today I am going to tell you for non-rooted phones. Making your Android smartphone faster can be pretty easy.These steps also improve the battery life of your phone. Here are some of the easiest way you can do so.
1. Update your OS to the latest version. Google has been making the new versions of android more and more energy efficient by incorporating new innovations and technology, so this can be the first step towards making your phone faster.
2. Reduce screen brightness. This can be done by going to Settings > Display > Brightness and set it to the minimum level where the text is still visible.
3. For mobiles with very less RAM and Memory it is important that you install only the apps that you need the most and free up RAM and memory OR you can move your apps to SD card.
4. If your mobile has very less memory, believe me, uninstall any android booster or battery saver. This frees up much needed RAM and speeds up the phone.
5. Delete Homescreens that you do not use and keep only those widgets that you use or need as widgets make apps run in background and consumes CPU cycles.
6. Disable Background Data and Auto-Sync. This can be done by Going to Settings > Accounts and Sync >   Background Data.NOTE: While using Google play or other apps that require internet in the background you will have to enable the option again.
7. You can also install ADWlauncher or launcher pro as they are more energy efficient and also have other features.
8. Disable WiFi and Bluetooth when not in Use.
9. Clear your call log once in a while. This step is the best and the easiest among all and also makes your phone considerably fast.
10. Use the Task Manager to clear RAM regularly. This can be achieved with the help of a widget too. But the main thing is that you have to do it MANUALLY.
11. Refrain from using live wallpapers.
12. Turn of Windows Animations. This can be achieved by going to Settings > Display > Animation > No animations

These were the top 12 speed tips for speeding up the android phones. and I hope this will help to make you device faster, smarter and better.

Best Glitches of 2013

The year 2013 has certainly been the best one till now for games and we all look forward to seeing more great games ahead in 2014. Here is a list of 3 glitches that I thought were really awesome.

1. The Ascesion of Jackdaw (Assassins Creed 4)
This is one of the most hilarious glitches that I ever saw. Your whole crew is just raised to heaven and then accompanied by Jackdaw (Don't worry your Crew still lives)            

2. Superman & Hover Plane(GTA 5)
Some of the best glitches were seen in the game of the year GTA-5. It is better seen than said. So here is the Video.
3. Tram Mania(Max Payne-3)
Not as Hilarious, but one of the most irritating ones, that's why it makes its way to this list. (You Just Have to Reload last Checkpoint until it is corrected)


10 Security Enhancements for your PC

Before you spend your money on security, here are 10 elementary security enhancements for your PC that will protect you against the most common threats

1. Check for Windows updates regularly or make sure to setup automatic updates for the windows.
2. Install a personal firewall. Well Windows does give you a firewall but we all know that it is not that effective. I recommend Sygate, Zonealarm or Comodo free firewalls.
3. Of course, Use a very very very strong password which contains alphabets, numerals and special characters. You should always change them periodically and do not repeat passwords for your accounts.
4. You should install a free Antivirus (or better pay for one) and keep it updated(a daily update is preferable). Here is a list of top antiviruses free by my blog:
5. If you are using outlook, then you should always download the latest security patches as viruses are constantly being developed by some malicious programmers to hack into softwares.
6. Install a free spy ware blocker like Spybot Search&Destroy. You don't need to follow steps 2 & 6 if you have already bought an antivirus which gives you all these things(Nowadays almost every paid antivirus has these).
7. You can also join an email security list, so that you can learn about emerging threats quickly.
8. Don't always assume that the email sent to you is from the real sender, untill you have further reason to beleive that it is original, the mail could be spoofed (You get many such mails on the April Fools Day).
9. Don't write your password on a sheet of paper, try to remember it and do not give your password to any mail, even if it says 'support'.(This also includes some fake newsletter services that ask for your personal details.)
10. If you have a Wireless Service, turn on the security features: Use MAC Filtering, Turn of SSID Broadcast, and use WEP with the biggest passkey you can get.

I Hope this Article will help you. Do not forget to +1. :-))))

Friday, 3 January 2014

Tracing emails - Protect yourself from fake mailers!!

How to find from where did a mail come? Is it really by the sender mentioned on the mail client or is it a fake mail?
I will be mentioning how to trace these mails to the IP Address of the original sender.

Gmail Users
1. Open the mail you want to trace.
2. Click on "view original"
3. Here, search for the phrase "received: from". You will find many of them in the code. Actually, it is the list of all the IP addresses of the servers from which your mail travelled to finally reach you.
4. Now search for the last "received: from" from the code. This is the one showing the name and the IP Address of the computer from where the mail originated.

Now as you have the IP Address, you can locate the computer with the help of Geobytes IP Locator or any other online IP locating sevice