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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Virus Removal: recycler.exe

It is a virus which spreads from the pendrives as soon as they are attached to the PCs. It is a very frustrating virus as it is a little tough for the antiviruses to remove it as it copies itself almost everywhere to your PC. It mainly opens a door for the download of malicious and unwanted files to your computer.

To remove it follow the following steps:
1. Download flash disinfector or autorun eater and save it on your deskop.
2. Run the app, it will ask you to insert a pendrive. After inserting it click OK.
3. It will delete autorun.inf and then you can delete recycler.exe from the drive.
Download: Autorun eater:
                   Falsh Disinfector: Disinfector.rar.html

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