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Monday, 4 March 2013

Google Tricks

Google has started incorporating new changes every year to make itself more and more interesting, and interesting it has become. With new tricks coming up every day here is a list of the best ones. Which atleast I think are the best ones:

1. Make the oo's of Google disappear: Go to the search box and type "Darkarts Google" without quotations. Click on the first link and a page of the older Google will be displayed. Click on the oo's and wait for 3sec for them to disappear, and the click the gap again to make them re-appear.
2. Let Google destroy your search results: Go to the search box and type "Zerg Rush" without quotations. Your search results will be infiltrated by o's which you can destroy by clicking. Your score will be displayed in the end.

3. The answer to life,the universe and everything: Type the same in a search box and you will find the google calculator telling you the answer as 42.

4. See the results roll before your eyes: Go to the search box and type "Do a barrel roll" without quotations. And the results will roll before your eyes.

5. Tilted Results: Type "Tilt" in the search box without quotations and the results will be tilted.
I'm Feeling Lucky searches:
6. Google Gravity: Turn of Instant search and type "Google Gravity" without quotations and click on I'm feeling lucky and pickup the fallen google logo and taskbar.

7. Pig Latin Google and more: The Google homepage is offered in over 150 languages, including some peculiar ones like Pig Latin, Hacker, Elmer Fudd, Klingon, Pirate, and the Swedish Chef Muppet’s Bork bork bork.

8. Google Sphere: Search options orbit the Google logo.

9. Where is Chuck Norris: You may be feeling lucky, but not lucky enough to locate Chuck Norris.
10. elgooG: If you spell Google backwards, you should know what to expect.
11. Epic Google: Search bigger with Epic Google.
12. Weenie Google: Search before it disappears.
13. Multitask Mode for Google Chrome: What happens when there are many mice instead of 1.
14. Underwater Image search: Try it at
15. Playable pacman google doodle: Experience at

These were the top 15 tricks by Google till now and it will keep on uploading more!!!