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Friday, 12 July 2013

Pc pranks

 Today I will tell you about some PC Pranks that you can play on your friends....
Normally, WAV files are played with Windows Media Player. In this joke, you don't want this to happen. We'll write a VBS-file (Visual Basic) in this joke that will run audio files that you can't see.
Open up Notepad and copy the following code:
strSoundFile = "C:\WINDOWS\Media\[YOURSOUNDFILE].wav"
Set objShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
strCommand = "sndrec32 /play /close" & chr(34) & strSoundFile & chr(34)
objShell.Run strCommand, 0, False
Change the [YOURSOUNDFILE] to the sound file you want to play. Now save the file to your harddisk, like this: C:/Sound.vbs. Double-click the VBS file to try if it works.
You probably want to play these files automaticly. You can do this by creating tasks. Go to Start > All programs > Accessories > System Tools > Scheduled Tasks. A new window will appear. Double click on "Add scheduled task" and follow the instructions. Select your VBS file when the wizard asks if you want to open a software application. You want your PC to scream at 4 AM?
2. Desktop upside down
Do you still have the image from the previous prank? Open it again in Paint. Now rotate the image (Ctrl+R) and set it to 180 degrees. Save to file again as BMP, like this: C:/Potksed.bmp.
Now set the image again as your background and there you have it: Your desktop is turned upside down. But wait: The taskbar at the bottom is still there? Right-click on it and select Properties. On the Taskbar tab, select the Auto-hide the taskbar check box. Press OK to save the changes.
3. Strange voices
.A PC has some build-in audio files that are played when doing something. For example, when you start navigating you'll hear a "click" and when you disconnect a USB device you'll hear another sound. Change these sounds into something that you want!
First, search on the internet for the correct audio file (Example: Farts, Screams etc.). If the file is in MP3 format, convert them to WAV. Save the WAV files to C:/WINDOWS/Media/.
Now go to Start > Settings > Control Panel and double click on "Sounds and Audio Devices". Go to the tabSounds and look for the correct sound in the list that you want to change. Change it by selecting the event and clicking on Browse... Navigate and select your new WAV file and press OK to save.
Be creative and your prank will succeed, just like this startup sound prank.
4.Melting Desktop
Go to Soft4fun and download the "ScreenSmelter". When you run this program, it'll look like as if the desktop is melting in front of your nose. Make it a task and nobody will know what happened. Except for you.
5.Format C:

Formatting is what users are very afraid of. Go to RJLSoftware and download FakeFormat. The title is self-explaining: It'll look like as if you're formatting your PC. Additionally, the creators from this program disallow the functionality of shutting down. Double trouble!