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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Top 5 Apps to Increase Performance and Battery Life on Rooted Phones

You have rooted your phone, and are probably looking for a performance boost without fiddling much with the system core files. The following apps are a boon to low-end devices and extend their usability for a very long time -

1. Metamorphosis Boosters Plus Battery Saver Pro
These apps are under-rated, and provide boosts instantaneously. They come under different categories to cater to all requirements. Ram Booster & Performance Booster to name a few. It modifies the kernel for better management of processes, and different apps offer different tweaks. I recommend not using more than 2 apps from this collection at the same time, as they make conflicting tweaks, and the end result may be just the very opposite of what you are intending.

If you are willing to spend money, then the app also features a "double-booster" feature, which doubles the boost given by the app, and also includes some Beta features.

Update 1.01: Previously Gejos Enterprises Boosters collection, they have now been sold out to Metamorphosis apps as the developer's account was banned by Google. Sadly, these apps have now moved from being free (with some paid features), to being entirely paid only. The app has multiple boosters for various requirements like battery saving, RAM boosing, internet boosting. It modifies the kernel for better management of processes, and different boosters offer different tweaks. I recommend checking out all te boosters, and trying out which combination works the best for you. Remember that turning all boosters on may have the opposite effect than intended.

For those of you who are angry with metamorphosis turning the app to paid only, you may still be able to download the old apk by Gejos from other markets and websites such as apkmania.

These boosters are completely non-intrusive and hassle-free, and you will notice the effect right away.
                                          Image result for gejos ram booster pro apk            

2. Roehsoft RAM Expander
It is a paid app, that uses a SWAP file of the specified size from your SD Card. In simple words, it converts some space from your SD Card into RAM. It works only on those ROMs which have swapping enabled, if your ROM does not, download a good custom ROM with SWAPPING enabled.
This app tends to reduce the life of your SD card, and also sometimes fails to work entirely, but if it does, you will have a 4GB RAM and a blazing fast phone.

3. Greenify
This app essentially hibernates the apps which the user is not currently using. This helps in increasing battery life along with a decrease in load on the RAM. It has a user friendly interface and also allows you to hibernate system apps, if you pay for the full version. This app definitely deserves to be on this list, as its widgets on the homescreen allow you to hibernate apps whenever you want.                    

Image result for Greenify
4. Tasker
This app is an automation app, not particularly increasing performance or battery life, but making your phone intelligent, with minimal coding required. For eg. I have programmed my phone such that whenever the battery is less than 10% and I am not at home, it sends a text to my parents, with the current battery level, location and time.
If you use it wisely, you can also increase battery life. For eg- I have my auto-sync turned off, but everyday at a fixed time, it turns on, along with my Wi-Fi and syncs my mail. Also, my Wi-Fi is switched off, if I am out of range for too long.
While you can use it without rooting as well, but rooting certainly provides many extra features, which you wouldn't have access to otherwise.

5. Pimp My ROM
This is an app with tonnes of tweaks for your phone. You will be able to change almost each default setting on your phone for maximum efficiency and stability. You will need to install BusyBox before using all its features. Otherwise this app is as good as a show-piece.
Some features include-
  • Over-clocking
  • Network Tweaks
  • init.d support
  • And many more...
                                                           Image result for Pimp My ROM

If you are able to balance these apps together intelligently, you will certainly have a extremely fast phone in your pocket, which is not a bad thing. Is it?