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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

PCSX2 Configurations

Well, I downloaded an emulator for PS2 games and got certain lags in sound, video and speed. FPS was as low as 10 and it left me frustrated. So I left out for searching the internet and found that no site could give perfect information on how to correct these faults. But now I have figured it out.

Every PC has a different setting for the best performance but I will tell you the best settings possible with a good PC.

If your video is shaky then you can do as follows:
Click on Config> Video(GS)> Plugin Settings.
Change the renderer to Direct 3D 10(Hardware)
Interlacing to none
And this should fix it

If your audio is not good enough then:
Click on Config> Audio(SPU2)> Plugin settings
Reduce Latency to 50ms

If the speed is not good then:
Click on Config> Emulation settings> Speedhacks
Enable speedhacks
Increase EEcyclerate to 3
Increase VU Cycle Stealing to 3
Chck all the other options in the otherhacks and microVU hacks column
And click on Apply

This should fix most of the errors for almost all the games