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Monday, 15 April 2013

What are Keyloggers?

Disclaimer: This Article is for educational purposes only. Don't misuse it and the author does not take the responsibility of the damage caused by you.
In this post I will explain what a keylogger is and how to use them will be followed by with some posts in the future.
It is a spying software used to monitor the keystrokes of a PC and are easy to use. Once, it is installed on the target machine it can monitor each and every keystroke of the computer. It can be used for monitoring children, employees etc.
There are 2 type of keyloggers:
  • Hardware Keylogger: Attached between the keyboard and CPU physically, and the person doing so must have the access to the machine. It is very small and almost undetectable and the most powerful one.
  • Software Keylogger: It is one of the most visible form of keylogging i.e. 80% of keyloggers are software based. In this case, it is installed on the computer by a download or so and all the keystrokes are monitored.
Keyloggers are often used by hackers to gain easy access to facebook, gmail etc. accounts. Also they are used by suspicious partners without any proof and of course by parents and employers.